STROVOLOS   Annual  road  race  and   ATHLETICS  COMPETITION


Dedicated  to  the   Independence   Day  of   Cyprus


Saturday 30th September 2006, at 4:00pm  at   the Municipal Athletic Centre of Strovolos


                                                                                      Event   Schedule


4.00pm Registration

4.30pm Futsal match

5.00pm Road Race

6.00pm Athletics Competition

7.00pm Speeches / prize awards

7.30pm Cocktail party


                                                            The schedule will be accompanied by the music of Marios Vasiliou.





          ANNUAL  5Km    ROAD     RACE



                                                                        Supported by the Cyprus Health Runners Club


                                                Distance: 5 Km






                                                            BOYS:   12-14 years old                     

                                                                            15-19 years old


                                                            MEN:      General category 

                                                                             20-29 years old

                                                                             30-39 years old

                                                                             40-49 years old

                                                                             50-59 years old

                                                                             60 years old and above


GIRLS: 12-14 years old 

               15-19 years old                    

                                                           WOMEN: General category                    

                                                                          20- 34 years old

                                                                          35 years old and above




To Register for the Strovolos run Race,please fill the following form and submit it.

Otherwise print out the Entry Form and sent it to the organizers (either by e-mail  to or by fax to 22420559)




  Applications for participation may be submitted prior to the race.  For any information please contact Mr Lakis Argyrou at the Municipality of Strovolos, tel 22470319 or Mr Christos Evripidou (Cyprus Health Runners Club), tel 99410730 or Mr Socratis Socratous (Cyprus Running Club šPericles Demetriou) tel 99411411.





                                        THE    STROVOLOS RUN    

                      30    SEPTEMBER     2006

                  REGISTRATION FORM







Date of Birth:(dd/mm/year)












 I  declare that I will abide by rules and I accept that the organizers will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses which may arise in consequence of my participation in this event.

 I declare that I will not compete in this race unless I will be in good health on the day of the race and that, in any event, I will only compete at my own risk. The organizers of the race have the right to refuse entry, and the decision of their officials will be final. I authorise the organizers to use any details or photographs for publicity purposes,if they wish so.

 I  hearby signify that I have read and agree to the terms of the above declaration.










Road Race Course


Strovolos Municipality Sports Centre, Koritsas Str, Acropoleos Avenue, Iosif Hadjiosif Avenue, Pericleous Str, Strovolos Avenue, Athalassas Avenue, 28th October Str, Koristsa Str  , Strovolos Municipality Sports Centre





Athletic Championships:

(Dedicated to the memory of the marathon runner Pericles Demetriou )


Supported by the Cyprus Runners Club šPericles Demetriouš


AWARDS: Prizes will be awarded to the first three runners overall and the first three finishers of each category.

Commemorative plaques will be awarded to participating groups of runners.  They must register by September 22.  Telephone 22470319.


CERTIFICATES: All finishers will receive a certificate.  In each race of the Athletics Competition the first three will be awarded with trophies. 


All participants will receive a commemorative T-Shirt and a cap.


RULES: The race will take place under any weather conditions.  The runners participate at their own risk and are advised to make their own arrangements to have a medical check up. The rules of  KOEAS and IAAF are in force. 

Participation is free for everyone.



Strovolos Municipality is inviting all its citizens and everybody who is interested in participating in the event, in order to honor in the best way the anniversary of the Independence Day of our small country.  At the same time the wide participation of runners will ensure that the road race will become an important athletic event for Strovolos.